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Typically when you make the decision to invest in a sign to elevate the visibility of your business the endgame seems quite clear. Get the masses to see your brand from far and wide. Beyond just implementing a pan channel sign, or electric sign, there are some additional ideas to maximize your brand visibility.

One vital observation that is often overlooked, deals with the notion of the public walking through a strip mall and never even seeing your giant backlit electric sign. With that being said, getting your message and your brand across to your customers in that fraction of a second as they walk by your front door is crucial. The best way to do so is with bright and vibrant window signage.

This incredibly easy and inexpensive addition to your business keeps your name and branding right at eye level to the public. We can take a multi-tiered approach to your storefront as well, using a combination of vinyl and perforated signage. Perforated signs serve a dual purpose, conveying your message and providing crucial temperature control during the brutal desert summer months.

Perforated signs also allow you to see out, but no one can see in. All the public will see is your wow factor before deciding to enter your shop. We are printing eye-popping, stimulating and effective invitations to do business. We can digitally print absolutely any image that you can imagine. We are the frontrunners of timely, pristine and flawless printing and installation of your perforated signs.

Call A 1st Impressions today and add to the visibility of your most valued investment, …your business!