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Signs serve many purposes. They can tell you where you are, where you are going, and how to get there. Signs can make a statement, tell someone something special, or ask a question. Depending on the type of sign and where it is located, the message can change. For businesses, storefront signs can serve a variety of purposes. Here are the five top reasons you need a business sign.

Direct Customers

Without a sign, your shop door is just a door to a building. A sign lets potential customers know who you are and what you are selling. It tells them which door will lead them to you and what they are looking to purchase.

Stand Out

With a custom sign, you can stand out from the rest of the businesses on the street. You can include colors that speak to your brand, give those who see it a picture that will be remembered, and create a circumstance that helps your business stand out and companies.

Special Announcements

Creating a sign that announces things like sales events will capture the attention of those passing by quickly. Be ready to announce to the world that you are having a sale, celebrating an anniversary, or having your grand opening.

Cross Promotion

Signs can help you with your promotional efforts. For example, include your website URL or Facebook page on your sign. This lets people who may not have time to stop by at that moment have a chance to find you later and see what you have to offer. At the same time, you can include an actual photo of your storefront, complete with sign, on your social media pages. The visual will stand out longer than mere words and will help those visiting you for the first time feel familiar with your store.

Competitive Edge

Let’s say you run a hardware store and it is down the road from one of those giant hardware chains. A car drives by on its way to the larger store and sees your sign. In many cases, the driver will stop and see if you have what they need because it will save them time and the hassle of finding a parking space at the larger store.


We Can Help

With over 20 years in the custom sign business, we understand what companies in the Henderson area need to make a positive statement. Contact us, and we can give you a free quote on your project. We are a sign shop that knows how important first impressions are and we want to help you make the best impression you can.

Feature image: Terri Francis/Shutterstock