Freestanding Pylon Business Signs in Henderson

You want people to find you amongst all the lights and glitter in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. One of the ways to stand out is by using a Pylon sign, sometimes referred to as a pole sign, outside your business. These signs stand on one or two poles and rise to heights that can easily be seen by passing traffic. Signage is one of the most influential forms of advertising, and freestanding signs are near the top of the signage list.

Why Freestanding Signs

In addition to being able to soar above signs on the front of your building or in your window, Pylon signs have additional advantages.

  • They can be either permanent or made so you can change your message.
  • The signs are often made to “fit” with the design of your building. This makes them stand out yet enhance your personal style.
  • Freestanding signs can announce one business or list several businesses within one building or plaza.

Places To Use Freestanding Signage

Freestanding signs work well at the entry to your parking area. They can make the difference between you being passed by or drivers seeing you. A freestanding sign can be changed to give viewers a different quote every so often or advertise a weekly special. It can list all the practitioners of a medical practice or legal firm. Pylon signs can be plain or lit up. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Why Choose A 1st Impression?

Your signage is often what people see first about your business. We understand what first impressions mean and have spent the past two decades perfecting our skill and providing signage to Las Vegas businesses to help them stand out from the crowd. The Henderson area is our home, and your success is our success.

Every sign we produce is made for you right here, so we have complete control of the finished product. This means we can work directly with you and you have the advantage of being able to speak with one of our knowledgeable designers in person. We know this area and understand what works and what doesn’t where signs are concerned. We are more than willing to take your ideas and integrate them into the finished product.

Call us today for a free quote. Tell us about you and your business. Give us a sample of your logo and your business name. Let us help you design a sign that puts you above the rest. You and your business deserve to be noticed.

Be Seen! Get Found!

Call Us to Order Your Sign!

Be Seen! Get Found!

Call Us to Order Your Sign!


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